There are some Italian Christmas traditions that are only made better by being in Sydney... like Gelato Panettone!



Some of the best things about celebrating Italian Christmas traditions aren’t quite the same outside of Italy, like the presepi natalizio – a traditional large-scale nativity scene that you can find in every square and in every home, even more popular than Christmas trees. But there are other traditions that are only made better by being here in Sydney!

1. Gelato: Of course you knew we were going to say that but it’s true. Most of the gelaterias in Italy are closed around the festive season, mostly because it’s just too cold! Here in Sydney, it’s our busiest time of the year with people enjoying the sunshine and stocking up on take-home packs of their favourite flavours to share with their family and friends over Christmas. We’ll be open right up until 10.30pm on 23 December (closed on 24 & 25 December); then open again on Boxing Day from 11am-6.00pm. We’ll close again on 31 December and 1 January but we’ll be open as usual all the days in between and after.

2. Weather: Although skiing is popular in some parts of Italy over the holidays, it doesn’t beat the sand, surf and sunshine of Sydney! Instead of having to brave the cold weather to go visit family and friends, we love being able to get around in shorts and t-shirts and actually spend time outside.

3. The Feast of the Seven Fishes or _Festa dei Sette Pesci in Italian: Traditionally we don’t eat red meat on Christmas Eve (_la Vigilia)but instead several fish courses. Where better to do that in Sydney with access to some of the best and freshest seafood in the world!

4. A relaxing Christmas Day: Although traditions vary around Italy, it’s not uncommon for the formal festivities of Christmas to be over by Christmas Day leaving us free to relax and do what Italians do best… cook and eat with family and friends!

5. Gelato panettone: You can read last year’s blog on the importance of panettone to a traditional Italian Christmas but we love putting an Australian spin on it. We take an authentic Italian panettone and fill the inside with delicious artisanal gelato. We brush them with Alchermes syrup and then smother them in luscious dark chocolate! You have a choice of two gelato flavours:

  • ZUPPA INGLESE (English trifle)
  • SICILIAN CASSATA (Ricotta cheese gelato with choc chips, candied fruit and pistachio kernels)
  • NOCCIOLA PIEMONT (Italian hazelnut)
  • VANIGLIA MADAGASCAN (Madagascan vanilla)
  • CIOCCOLATA BELGA 70% (70% Belgian chocolate)

We make two sizes: small for 1-2 people for $12 or large for 12 people for $70. Be sure to order yours before 16 December for collection by 23 December. We look forward to being part of your Festive Feast!

We wish all our customers, family and friends a very happy holiday!