Did you know that, unlike ice cream, there is very little cream in gelato? That rich, creamy texture comes mostly from milk.



Did you know that, unlike ice cream, there is very little cream in gelato? That rich, creamy texture comes mostly from milk. Of course, you can use any old milk to make any old gelato but to make the best gelato in Australia; you need to start with "The Best Milk in Australia" which is why we use Sungold Jersey Milk.

Jersey milk, as the name suggests, comes from purebred Jersey cows - they're the caramel coloured ones with the big, beautiful doe eyes. They're a heritage breed originating from the British Isle of Jersey. They are significantly smaller than their black-and-white Holstein Friesian cousins who produce most of the milk you'll find in your supermarket (and in other gelatos). By comparison, Jersey cows produce about half the milk yield per cow but what they produce is vastly superior. (It's also interesting to note that they also emit approximately 20% less greenhouse gases!)

Jersey milk is not only renowned for its creaminess but also for its greater nutritional value. On average, Jersey milk contains around 20% more quality protein and 15% more calcium. Many people also find this milk easier to digest than regular milk. Obviously this translates into a premium gelato that more people can enjoy.

Even in the world of Jersey milk however, not all brands are created equal. We prefer Sungold because we feel they share our unwavering passion and commitment to producing a superior and ethical product for their customers.

Sungold Jersey Milk is a product of Warrnambool Cheese & Butter – Australia's oldest dairy processor, established in 1888. They work closely with several family-owned and -operated pure Jersey farms located in South West Victoria.

The unique environmental conditions of the region create ideal circumstances for the Jersey cows to produce the best milk. High rainfall provides an ongoing supply of lush, clean and green pastures for the cows to graze on. The temperate conditions allow them to do so all year on the district's coastal plains.

The difference this makes to the final product is remarkable. The Australian Dairy Industry Association agrees, having awarded Sungold Jersey Milk, the "The Best Milk in Australia" for several consecutive years.

Warrnambool Cheese & Butter is also the processor responsible for Green Pastures milk. Green Pasture's milk and their farmers have a unique way of fertilizing the land and farming their cows to produce best quality milk in Australia whilst respecting and protecting the environment. We believe that Warrnambool Cheese & Butter's literal grass-roots approach to supplying superior Jersey milk is in keeping with our own philosophy of creating the very best product possible by taking time and effort to source the best ingredients, equipment and practices.

Next time you have a gelato, be sure to ask what milk it is made from and then come and try ours – we're confident that you'll be able to feel and taste the difference.