We are proud that over 4 years we’ve won 26 awards – 5 Gold medals; 11 Silver medals; & 10 Bronze medals.



We are very proud to have received the Champion Award for the Lendlease Grand Champion Sorbet of Show again at this year’s Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show, as well as individual awards for five other flavours that we entered. We’re especially humbled that over the past four years that we’ve participated in this competition, we’ve won 26 awards from the 28 flavours we’ve submitted – 5 Gold medals (including 3 Champion Award trophies for our Agrumi Ricotta gelato, Chocolate sorbetto, and this years Fruitti Di Bosco sorbetto); 11 Silver medals; and 10 Bronze medals.

How the competition works:

The_Ice cream, Gelato and Sorbet_category is divided into 11 different classes. Chief Judge, Mr Russell Smith and other judges, Mr Garry Baker, Mrs Brenda Reilly, Mr Jeremy Ryland, give every individual entry a score out of 20. Those scoring above 18 points earn Gold; 16-18 earn silver; 15-16 earn bronze. Below 15 points, no award is attributed. _Special Champion Awards_are then conferred for best overall performance across several categories.

What we won this year:

  • **CHAMPION AWARD **for the Lendlease Grand Champion Sorbet of Show for our **Fruitti Di Bosco Sorbetto**made with fresh mixed berries. This has long been a customer favourite so we’re pleased and privileged to have it recognised by the judges as a Champion flavour.
  • **GOLD **for our **Bacio Gelato**in the Ice Cream/Gelato – Full Fat – Any Other Flavour This one is made with gianduja chocolate and piedmont hazelnuts all the way from Italy, like us!
  • **SILVER **for our **Australian Native Panna Cotta Gelato**in the Ice Cream/Gelato Reduced Fat This flavour is one of our new creations made with roasted wattle seeds, panna cotta, and crunchy homemade Lemon Myrtle granola. We love this flavour because it represents the coming together of Australian and Italian culinary cultures.
  • **BRONZE **for our **Vaniglia Madagascar Gelato **in the Ice Cream/Gelato – Full Fat – Vanilla Flavoured In a year vanilla has become the second most expensive spice (after saffron), we are particular pleased to be awarded in this category because it means a lot to us to hold our standards and to continue to give our customers a premium product and experience.
  • **BRONZE **for our **Lychee and Cupuassu Sorbetto**in the Sorbet – Tropical Fruit This is one of our exciting collaborations with our friends at Super Fruits Australia using nutrient-dense cupuassu – an Amazonian fruit with white pulp that smells like a combination of chocolate and pineapple, but tastes more like a pear with a hint of banana.
  • **BRONZE **for our **Arancia Rossa and Acerola Sorbetto**in the Sorbet – Any Other Fruit Flavour This one is made with blood orange and another super nutritious and delicious superfruit – Acerola – acherry-sized tropical fruit native to South America, Central America and Southern Mexico. It’s known for being extremely rich in Vitamin Calthough it also contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, andB3.

Although we work long and hard to create the best gelato and sorbet for our customers, it truly is an honour to have it recognised by the expert judges at the esteemed the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show. We’d like to thank everyone at the _Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show_for these awards of which we are immensely proud.

Not only are we absolutely committed to using the best ingredients sourced locally and from around the world, but also the best in equipment and processes. The way we create our gelato is very artisanal. It’s certainly more time consuming and labour intensive than the standard gelato offering, but we are passionate about food and like to do things properly.

Finally, we’d like to thank you, our customers for your never-ending feedback and support. We couldn’t have won these awards without you.